That's right. Gobo is a leader in Japan in several diverse fields. Read on!

Japan's Largest Producer of Mahjong Tiles

Gobo produces more than 40% of all mahjong tiles in Japan and virtually all of the tiles used for the automated mahjong tables. Mahjong, by the way, is a popular Chinese board game that has been adapted somewhat to Japanese tastes. It is quite popular among Japanese men as a way of relaxing after a tough day at work. Mahjong parlors are found in all major cities in Japan.

Japan's Shortest Railway!

That's right. The Kishu Railway is the country's shortest at only 2.7 kilometers. The one car train runs at 20kph with five stations from start to finish. One of those stations is Gakumon Eki, or 'study station,' and thanks to this propitious name, talisman tickets, which are thought to aid students preparing for exams, are very popular.



Japan's Largest Producer of Dutch Peas

Introduced to the area in 1952, the Gobo district today is the nation's largest producer of Dutch peas, which are also known as snow peas. Dutch peas are used in any number of local recipes and are often served in typical Japanese meals. Not only do they taste good, they are healthy and also add a vibrant green color accent to the table.

A Favorite Recipe: Dutch Peas with Corn and Cucumber

We like this recipe because it is simple yet exotic and brings out the best in our Dutch peas.

Japan's First Ocean Artificial Island

Another Gobo first: a 330,000m2 steam power plant built on the country's first artificial island in the sea. Built in 1968, this plant supplies most of the area's power.



Wakayama Prefecture's Largest Cottonwood Grove

Gobo is pleased to be the home of the prefecture's biggest cottonwood tree grove. Visitors to the grove are particularly numerous in the early summer when the trees are laden with their lovely yellow flowers. We are so proud of these beautiful trees, that we have adopted the cottonwood as our official city tree!

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