Steve Porritt
Education B.A., English literature, from the University of Hawaii. Extensive coursework in natural sciences.
Work Experience
Freelance 1979 - Present (as kyomedia) Copywriting: magazine and newspaper advertisements, brochures, product flyers, corporate and annual reports, etc., for Dentsu Inc., Matsushita Electric Works, Matsushita Business Services, Pictograph, G. K. Associates, Hakko Corp., TCD, Dai Nippon Printing, Toyo Tire, JR Tokai Associa Hotels, Comtec, and Ellman Japan (radiosurgical equipment).
Technical editing/rewriting: papers and reports in the fields of biotechnology, medicine, chemistry, civil engineering, international finance, geology and geophysics, etc., for TD Planners, Office 10, Bilingual, G. K. Associates (Osaka and Tokyo), Toppan Printing, and Ellman Japan. Writing/editing VCR service manuals and video narrations for Matsushita.
Journalism: cross-cultural business and travel articles for the journal of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan: Selling to the Foreign Community (July 1998), The (very) small foreign entrepreneur in Japan (November 1996), and Living Takayama (September 1996). The 3-part series, Coffee, Anyone?, for Kansai Time Out magazine (October-December 1998). These articles can be read on my web site,
Co-writer (and sole photographer) for the book, Living in Kobe, 6th Edition, published by Community House & Information Centre. Assisted with planning, design and layout, and created posters, flyers, direct-mailings and advertising materials.
Dentsu, Inc. 1984 - 1988 First full-time copywriter to be hired locally. Worked with clients and co-workers in both English and Japanese to develop newspaper and magazine advertisements, product brochures, and corporate reports for the international and domestic markets. Major accounts: Sharp, Hotel New Otani Osaka, Mita, Minolta, Murata Machinery, and Kubota. Minor accounts: Sanyo, Fisher, National/Panasonic, ASICS, Noevir, Takumi, and Sumitomo Chemical and Shipping. Introduced PC’s (Dentsu's first) into the ad development and copywriting process.
International Ads
1982 - 1984
Copywriting, rewriting and editing of product flyers and brochures for Sanyo and Fisher. Also extensive brochure and ad work with Hakuhodo in Tokyo and Osaka on their Mazda, Suzuki, Nissan, and National/Panasonic accounts. Introduced word processors, which significantly improved the staff’s writing quality and productivity
Other (1972 – present)

Managed a team of 5 translators for the weekly newsletter, Japanese High Technology, published by Japan Information Center, Inc. Also edited and wrote copy.

Internet site planning, design and programming: BuyJapan, CHIC Kobe, JR Tokai Associa Hotels, Creative Learning Company, Rich Associates, Comtec, Maeda Real Estate/Planners International, Circus Espresso, and others. Descriptions of these projects and links to the relevant sites are provided on my web site,
Design and programming of English-teaching programs for the Macintosh: Shinbun! Shinbun! 1, Shinbun Shinbun! 2, and Shinbun! Lite for Paracomm (Himeji) and Word Games with English, Book II and Hatsuon Perfect! for eigoMedia (Tokyo). Other computer-related projects have included HyperCard presentation stacks for kyomedia, Bilingual databases (4D) for Ellman Japan, Foreign Buyers Club, and Transcomm. Multimedia system interface for Matsushita.
Design and page layout: brochures, advertisements, and other sales materials for Dentsu Inc., Hotel New Otani Osaka, Community House & Information Centre in Kobe, Hakko Corp., Ellman Japan, Century Club Osaka, Comtec, and Trek Japan. Design/layout for Stages of Life English textbook
Data reduction technician for Research Corporation, University of Hawaii, reducing marine geophysics data relating to heat flow, magnetics, gravity, sedimentation, topography, etc., Managed the computerized map-making section, trained staff, and developed faster and more efficient software tools for reducing data.
Line serviceman for Cessna Pilot Center, Honolulu International Airport
Special Skills Self-taught computer programmer in BASIC, Fortran IV, HyperTalk (programming language for Hypercard), 4th Dimension databases. Also experience in designing web pages for the internet.
Private Pilot license (SEL) from the Cessna Pilot Center at Honolulu International Airport.

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